My Apothecary Cards


Need to add some new tools to your emotional tool kit?  My Apothecary Cards workshop will give you just the right introduction to what is offered at My MS Ribbon. No art knowledge involved...Just wing it!  Next thing you know you will have your own card set to do with as you wish. 

Display on the fridge, on the mantle in your living room?

My Altered Life


You never expected life to turn out like this did you?  Living with a chronic illness can throw all your plans out the window...until you regroup and learn to make the most of your new reality.  Making peace with your MS gives you the freedom to get excited about life.

Meeting MY MonSter


This downloadable class invites you to create a visual representation of the symptoms of MS, while allowing you time to journal and think about how you can use the information about your disease to help empower you and keep you moving. 

MY MS Ribbon connects creativity to Multiple Sclerosis for better health and mindset


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