Meet Fay Guilian aka GypsyFay

My life like all lives, has been a series of journeys. But I have traveled for over 20 years, lived in several different countries and continents, and rightfully earned my 

                 AKA: Gypsyfay. 



With the influences of daily life in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe contributing to my perspective, my art and writing has become a reflection of those times and places and faces. I have found my home painting images of women and writing their stories, because that is my connection to the divine in this incarnation.

 It is through the face of the mother, daughter, sister, crone; I feel I can best express the closeness I have to the infinite.

Years ago, while on one of my travels, I had a tattoo done on each of my wrists. Small, written in white ink so no one but I can see them, PERSEVERE is needled on my left, and FORGIVE placed on the right. They are supposed to be daily reminders of the two things I need to do most in this world, and the two things I find hardest to achieve.

In the beginning I thought about those tattoos daily, especially during the itchy, healing period! Then like all new fascinations, they became old and ordinary after a few months, and I simply stopped noticing them. But through creativity I slowly began to see them again with new meaning. Because in art there is a tendency towards wanting to be perfect, and in order to be free enough to let the creative spirit inside you live, you must forgive yourself for your lack of perfection and persevere even when the desire to throw away the canvas takes over. It is in those moments, just after you have moved forward, when you wanted to stop, that the real genius and beauty of creation is understood.

I practice my craft with the belief that everyone is an artist. So when working with those who are new to art, I feel it is my job to help them allow their inner artists to evolve and emerge. Not to critique and criticize for lack of technical competence. I desire to create a safe space where anyone can enjoy the process of painting, journaling, creating, and knowing the sense of peace that art brings to the soul and the psyche.

I am especially dedicated to creating workshops for people with Multiple Sclerosis, and those who struggle to have a voice. As someone who has lived through these challenges, I realize we may not be able to change certain things about our fate or destiny, but we certainly can work with what we are given.

               My Ms Ribbon is your Ms Ribbon too!


Credentials and Certifications

B.A. in Humanities and Leadership

M.A. In Humanities and the Art of Social Change

M.F.A. in Creative Inquiry 

California K-12 Teaching Credential 

Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Global College Arts and Humanities 

Certified Teacher and Creativity Coach in Intentional Creativity® 

Certified Facilitator of the Achieve in 5 Method

Over 15 years teaching art to adults, children and teens in the USA, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East