If you believe Multiple Sclerosis can't stop you..

Are you Living with Multiple Sclerosis?

Are you Living with Multiple Sclerosis?Are you Living with Multiple Sclerosis?Are you Living with Multiple Sclerosis?

Get to know  me and My MS Ribbon

Welcome to My MS RIBBON!

I believe that art can be used to help people like you and me who live with Multiple Sclerosis.  Come and see what I mean, and how my life has called me to help others with this disease. 


What is Art for MS?

My MS Ribbon offers online workshops designed only for people with MS.  We have our special challenges, and our community.  You never need artistic skills to participate. In fact, it is great if you are not into art at all. Just have a willing spirit, and a desire to work through your beliefs about MS.

I’m so happy you found us.

A few years ago I had a dream of creating a place where people who are not necessarily able to go out and take courses or work full time jobs can get together and share their emotional experiences through creativity. I have said it many times, We are all artists. You do not need a master’s degree to prove that, and you don’t need an entire cadre of paintings to show to make it true. What you need, in fact what we all need, is the artist’s heart. The artist’s soul. If you have never painted or even created anything since grade one, then this is your chance to blossom without fear or judgment. 

We are here to support each other, not to prove how well we can draw, write or sing. And oh yeah, if you can’t draw then maybe you can paste, or if you can’t write – can you dictate? If you need to sing it, we will listen…because the point is, that we are your mates, your friends, your MS family, and all we really care about is that you are able to express yourself…so that  you don’t carry negative or sad feelings around with you. Take up the challenge and be fearless. And if fearless is too much, then be afraid….but stare fear in the face and do something you have never done before.  You have heard ‘face the fear and do it anyway’, right? Well let’s give it a go. I have added PDFs for you to download, full of directions and inspirations on how to make journal entries, and surprise pictures! Follow a few and try them out. 

I can’t wait to see all of you in our private Facebook Room!

Psst: Our new MY ALTERED LIFE BOOK class begins in June. We can’t always change the hand we are dealt but we can certainly learn to deal with it Are you ready to accept your altered life and live it to the fullest?

 Join me this year of craziness - 2020– as you embrace my altered life and celebrate it through art. poetry, and creation!!

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ― David Richo

I haven't let MS stop me from living a fulfilling life. Using art you can take back your power.

Come and Join Us! 


Art as healing is about YOUR process. Sure, I give you guidance and tools to help you find your own creative voice. We journal, we paste, we paint, draw, stencil and create...and if you don't want to do it my way...Do it your way...and still join the conversation!  My MS Ribbon is really a place where your creativity can blossom and your feelings about MS can come to the surface...In a safe, friendly environment. There are no right or wrong ways to do things. So pop on in and try a free mini course...see how this works. Remember this is fun; no art lessons, no judgment. Only companionship, creativity and inspiration - and if you are battling with the demons of MS pain, suffering and sadness, we get real about that too. 


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