About the Multiple Sclerosis Community I Am Creating!

People call me Fay – or Gypsyfay – and I was diagnosed in 2004 with relapsing remitting MS.  Like most people with RRMS i have had some good days, and years, and some that were not so easy.

I started having symptoms before they were actually using MRI’s to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis…so I have probably had it for over 20 years at this point. Recently things have changed and I can see it. I think even other people can see it now. My speech for one has been a recurring problem lately.

But I’m not here to talk about symptoms as much as I am attitude and emotions. two things I have learned since i was diagnosed. One – my dogged determination to keep living my life on my terms has helped me tremendously and two – we are good at talking about the physical pain, but we often don’t talk about the emotional side of it.

I guess because I am an artist, I realized that creating whether it be writing or art, or sewing, or any other activity that allows us to make something…it is our lifeline.

We need a place to safely talk about how we are feeling. What we can do about our depression, what about the fears that we face concerning our futures. We have friends and loved ones who try to understand us but sometimes it is all just too much for them too. So where do we put all these feelings?

I suggest that we come together as a creative community and lay them all on the table…and I kind of mean that literally.   By creating art and poetry or music around the inner thoughts we do what we need to do the most and that is get them out of our bodies…because lord knows we don’t need anything else eating away at our bodies.

The program I am designing is for people with Multiple Sclerosis and only people with MS. Because I have the disease just like you – I understand the needs of an MSSer better than I would someone who has a different condition.

So what exactly am I doing you ask?   I am offering you creative workshops, places to talk and write, a positive community in one location, a home on the internet where you can be inspired and take up new challenges.

I use a method called intentional creativity that allows you to access the artist lying dormant inside you. Do you need to be good at art? Oh heavens no…ido you have to be a poet or writer,…NOPE NOPE NOPE – you just have to be willing to go back into that happy place where you were as a child.

For the past 20 years I have taught high school, university, traveled to over 50 countries, and earned two advanced degrees. All with MS. Am I telling you that to say I am some kind of superhero…no way. I am not.. and I am not one of the MS people who has no problems. But I have learned that what ever we want in life can be achieved by taking it one day at a time. Sometimes those are good days and others are days when you feel like you want to puke your guts out.


Okay so you have met me…now I want to get to know you! As a thank you I am going to send you a monthly journal I designed especially for MSers…so that you can record your physical symptoms your emotional status and so you can get inspired to kick this disease in the butt and show it whose boss.

So remember – to read my articles…go to my blog…www.gypsyfay.com and run around in there for a bit….sign up for the newsletter. Leave a comment with your avatar….send me some love…